A Valuable Lesson From My Mom

I want to share a lesson from my mom that I will never forget. Click the video below.

Are you and I the persons others see when things are going well in our lives?  Yes. 

But are you and I the persons others see when things are not going well, when stress is running rampant or when we are drifting spiritually, or feeling “up against the wall”?  YES! 

This is the human experience.  We find ourselves trying to understand why we react certain ways when the pressure is on.  Where did that come from?! Or we try to explain to someone why we just reacted negatively or said something in anger.  In those moments, we are saying things like “I didn’t mean that”, when the likely feeling really is “I hate it that you heard me say that”. 

The lesson from my mom reminds us that we are all in the same boat…It is what’s INSIDE us that, when SQUEEZED, finds its way out!  God helps us identify that “Inside Stuff” and begins to clean that up in us.  I’m grateful for His grace and forgiveness with me.  I’m also grateful for His patience with us as we more and more get it right and exhibit a cleaner inside. 

Dave Galbraith
Founder & President of BreakThrough Moments, Inc.

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