REPLENISH: Next Steps Toward a Restored Life

Feeling stuck and depleted? It’s time for a change.

Unleash breakthrough with our REPLENISH eBook, a transformative resource that serves as your roadmap to renewing, rebuilding, and reclaiming what has been lost.

It is a FREE digital resource for you AND your family, church or business. That’s right! Download and share it with others. Or have Dave Galbraith come and facilitate the process for you and your team. 

Discover the importance of Soul Care and craft your personalized Replenishment Plan

This free eBook is one more way BreakThrough Moments is committed to helping individuals, leaders, pastors and organizations find critical, turning-point solutions to life’s most difficult circumstances.

BTM has lead workshops, retreats, keynotes and conferences on this life-changing topic and many others. We would love to connect and explore ways this ebook and topic could serve your church or business. 

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We’re here to help you & your organization:

Unleash breakthrough for you and your team through our transformative soul care resources and experiences.

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“There are lots of smart people to help organizations. There are few wise people like Dave that change leaders. Sometimes it takes a new voice to hear perspective and achieve a ’breakthrough.

Robert Vogel
C12 Group, Managing Chairman of Central Texas

Trusted By Many Organizations:

Individual and team coaching on personal, professional, and spiritual next-steps.

Facilitation/execution of leadership development and/or spiritual enrichment retreats and special events.

Confidential triage and intervention to help assess and stabilize individuals, marriages, families and organizations in troubled circumstances.