BTM Counseling

Confidential triage and intervention to help assess and stabilize individuals, marriages and families in troubled circumstances requiring critical next-step decisions.

  • Counseling is based on Biblical principles.  BTM’s Christian beliefs shape the counseling process.  We are also able and willing to work with those who do not share those beliefs.  We desire to create a context in which every person coming through the doors will find a safe and loving place to experience the grace and truth of the Gospel. Your counselor relies on the authority of God's word, the sufficiency of God's promises, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the Gospel to change lives.
  • BTM specializes in shorter-term counseling designed to quickly stabilize, shift the momentum with some critical decisions and develop a longer term life plan strategy.

I’ve been blessed to have known big Dave for nearly ten years. He started out as my pastor and life group leader at church and he’s morphed into my dear friend. Dave was instrumental in helping me address and conquer a mid life crisis of the spirit and I don’t know where I would be today without his dedicated love and friendship in my life. Dave has a heart for helping people right where they are. Dave pulls no punches and yet he delivers results with a kind but firm heart, something that’s very much needed in today’s world. His life experience and his spiritual calling make him an ideal person to help others solve problems no matter the size and severity. I am blessed to call him friend and brother in Christ.

Jeff Chandler – Kraft Foods, Finance Transaction Manager (retired)


...thank you for the gift you've given to our marriage. The retreat revolutionized our marriage and your encouragement spurred us on toward the rewarding ministry we've had together. Your humility and wisdom allowed us to receive more of God's grace because they made us want to follow your example and be more like Him. We're grateful...

John & Elizabeth

Behavior modification is a man-made attempt that depends on the produce sustainable, real change in my own strength and way without God changing the only thing that can transform me -- MY OWN HEART.– Dave Galbraith


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