BTM Consulting

Short and long-term consults are offered to organizations and teams, primarily focusing on:

  • Leadership development for upper or mid-level teams
  • Soul-care and related organizational culture and chemistry enhancement
  • “Simplify” – a study on identifying Depletion realities and Replenishment opportunities for individuals and groups
  • Spiritual enrichment retreats and special events.

Dave is uniquely gifted to step in and be part of 'breakthroughs' for people and teams.  I’ve seen him wade into the murkiness of people stuck in horrible junk and help them see a way out. I’ve seen him come to teams and equip and challenge them to new ways forward.  He’s the kind of guy who quickly leads people to realize that 'business as usual' is not going to cut it anymore and to make tough decisions about their future.  He’s the kind of guy every leader needs to have in the wings to call upon for a time of crisis, a team member that is stuck, for a stalemated situation in your organization or even to do some practical equipping around skills for living on mission.  When you’re tired of more of the same or are ready to invite someone into a situation that will quickly bore into heart of the matter…when you’re ready for a breakthrough, call Dave!

Mike Sharrow – C12 Group, Chief Executive Officer

A believer who is fully aware of being treated better than he or she deserves (Mercy!) finds joy in being merciful to others. It is part of God's healing path...there are no shortcuts...we must travel the Mercy Road!” – Dave Galbraith


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