BTM Coaching

Every successful Leader can identify Mentors and Coaches that are difference-makers for them. When you impact a leader you touch many. Measuring and stoking personal, professional and spiritual next steps for individuals and their leadership teams is what BTM provides. Coaching is delivered through:

  • One-on-One sessions with the Sr. Leader
  • If desired, Small Group facilitation of Sr. Management Team on challenges and opportunities cascading out of Organizational Mission, Values and Culture
  • One critical distinctive is emphasis on the spiritual component of a Leader’s world

In all cases a personal, customized experience is promised with both short and longer-term measureables established as part of the process.


Sometimes it takes a new voice to hear a perspective and achieve a break through, Dave Galbraith has been that voice for me. There are hard hitters and bulls in china shops that make change, only to find casualties when they step aside. Dave has finesse and genuine care in your success to fuel real change. There are lots of smart people to help organizations. There are few wise people like Dave that change leaders.

Robert Vogel - C12 Managing Chairman of Central Texas

Behavior modification is a man-made attempt that depends on the produce sustainable, real change in my own strength and way without God changing the only thing that can transform me -- MY OWN HEART.– Dave Galbraith


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